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Asphaltic Technic Commerce Trading LLC
Dubai, UAE


Asphaltic Technic Commerce Trading LLC

Business Concept

  • In-House production for the full spectrum of Road Building related materials.

  • Introduction to new concepts and technologies in Asphalt production and products.

  • Manufacturing of local elements and machinery used in Road Construction.

  • Provision of environmentally friendly site offices and accommodation, with easy Installation and relocation and long lifetime.

"Technology leader in Asphalt, Emulsion and Bitumen Related products."

  • The Parent Company will provide Emulsion and cutback products.
  • High-Quality Assurance, Competitive price, and Priority of supply will provide the road contracting companies with a competitive edge.
  • The target market is contractors active in Infrastructure and Roads Projects.
  • All grades of emulsion and cutbacks.
  • Sales of Emulsion Products can be achieved nationwide and expanded to include by-products, such as waterproofing, cold and special application asphalts.

Emulsion Sprayer – 8 Tones


Ascon Roads National Contracting Kherfan Road Contracting

Emulsion / Cut Back Production

Production of Emulsions, Tack and Prime Coats

Emulsion and cutback production 

  • Capitalizing on existing regional customer base.
  • High-Quality production.
  • Local availability at competitive prices.

 Machinery Production and Marketing

Emulsion Sprayer – 4.5 Tones

BITUMEN EMULSION/CUT-BACK PLANT type (ELSY01) from 8-12 t/h comprising of:

  • Mill 12 t/h + Motor 15 kw - 3000 tr/mn
  • The water phase tank & its accessories are made of stainless steel 316 E with an agitator & reducer.
  • Container for HCL & emulsifier
  • Bitumen tank & its accessories made of metal with agitator, reducer & limit switch.
  • Heat exchanger 4400 l/h with automatic system
  • Diesel pump for heat exchanger
  • Emulsifier tank with an automatic system to heat the emulsifier
  • Emulsifier pump 4000 l/h + Motor 2.2 kW - 1480 tr/mn
  • HCL pump made of PVC
  • Water pump 20000 l/h
  • Bitumen pump 7500 l/h + Motor 4 kw - 1480 tr/mn
  • Water phase pump 7500 l/h + Motor 2.2 kW - 1480 tr/mn
  • Security valve between water phase & mil
  • 6 thermometer in the system
  • 4 manometer in the system
  • Flowmeter after water phase
  • Inverters for bitumen & water phase pump
  • Panelboard Mitsubishi
  • All the valves for the heating system are stainless steel 316 E
  • Valves for the water phase, bitumen & emulsion are included.

Associated Companies

ASTECO Lebanon –

General Trading and Road Contracting

ASTECO Spain –

Supplier of materials and chemicals used in the production of Emulsions, Polymer modified Bitumen, Color Pigments, and other applications.

Kherfan Road Contracting, UAE –

Roads and Infrastructure Contracting

Through the collective experience of the above-mentioned companies,
ASTECO UAE can also provide the following products and services:

Regional Production Facilities and JV

Buzwair Group

Terro Contracting / MRCC

Galfar Contracting

Bitumen Sprayer from ASTECO

Prime Coat (MC70)

Tack Coat (SS1H)

Contact Details:

Elie Harb